3 Easy and Affordable Steps to Cozy Up Your Bed – Without Changing Mattress!

After a long day, we all love to snuggle in a cozy bed where you could drown your worries into. But the bed doesn’t embrace you like you would want it to. Your first thought would be to change the mattress, because that’s the foundation of beds in general, is it not? Agreed it is the foundation but it’s the value that you add on to it that matters. Think of cakes; all the yummy toppings and cream and cherries arranged in different ways to satisfy the sweet tooth you have. Beds are cakes, the mattresses the cake base. Now all you need to do is top it right.

Getting a new mattress is a huge task in itself, anyway, right?

So all it matters is to choose a cake that you prefer. Remember, it’s all about preferences. So here are 5 toppings to make your bed look like a treat, all day, and all night. A cozier bed – without changing your mattress.

1. Get your Mattress a Protector

A mattress protector is like a shiny new jacket for your mattress which looks good and feels good. Now mattresses that are put in use raw are short-lived. With a protector/cover, you can keep your mattress long-lived and your troubles at bay because a protector makes your bed cozy but most importantly, he protec… the mattress. From dust, from smelling bad after rains, from sweat, from mildew, from food stains and makes your bed more breathable.

Most protectors are to soften your beds, by providing a cushion which your mattress may not provide. Best kinds come with slight padding to keep your bed even and with elastic anchor bands on the corners, so that it fits perfectly with the mattress.

Let’s not forget it’s easier to wash the covers/protectors rather than scrubbing at the mattress when you spill that spicy Indian curry all over your bed. Or sunbathing your heavy mattress when a can of coke is knocked over accidentally. A perfectly good protector absorbs such accidents and saves the day.

2. Indulge in Right Sheets

Right sheets? How can bed sheets be wrong, right? Ethics aside, it’s more about your preferences, because they come as good as they get. Egyptian cotton bed sheets are the winners here. And to have a heaven-sent, softest luxurious sheets, go for sheets that have the highest thread count (TC) since that is a luxury one should experience. These sheets are easy to wash, durable and silky smooth. Fun facts, most hotels use cotton 300 TC sheets.

Satin, or sateen, sheets are a runner up. They are cool, light, and feel like silk. Satin sheets are so smooth that they may feel slippery so make sure to buy the highest TC you can get. And although satin sheets give off a warm and intimate vibe, they have to be handled with care since they are expensive. They may even fade color after certain washes, if the quality is not good enough.

3. Know your Pillows

Know thyself, know thy pillows. Just because the two standard pillow covers came along with the bed sheets doesn’t mean you have to have just two pillows. Think of pillows as a language of comfort, the more you speak in this tongue, the more you would understand its importance. So pile ’em up.

There are three kinds of sleeping pillows: king, queen and standard pillows, mentioned in the order big to normal. Any other kind of pillows are considered to be decorative pillows, cushions, shams, throw pillows, anything you want to call them. The king and queen pillows are the royalty that one should indulge in once and standard pillows are more head- sized. And choosing which pillow to sleep on is again a matter of preference, and a personal matter.

One thing you’d like to make sure is to know what you are sleeping on. So take a note of what your pillows are stuffed with, since they can practically be filled with anything that’s light and mushy. Down pillows, down alternative pillows and white goose down pillows are popular as hotel quality pillows. For an animal friendly option, memory foam pillows and polyester pillows are the best to use.

You might think this is an information bomb and I’m still confused and I just want a simple comfortable pillow then, go for a standard sized, polyester microfiber filling pillow. One best tip to find your perfect pillow is to go old school, take yourself out for a walk through Pillow villa.

With that, we take your leave. Thank you for reading, let us know you think about the ideas shared in the blog in the comment section below. Sleep blissfully!

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