Awesome Tips For Transformation and Renovation of Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the most intimate place in the house. You might share it with a partner or have it all for yourself. Regardless, it is a place that should grant your ultimate enjoyment, relaxation, and best intimate moments. To achieve these, you need to go the extra mile and transform your bedroom into a real oasis that will recharge you with every hour you spend in. If you don’t know where to start, follow these simple but awesome tips and renovate your bedroom the way you deserve it.

Colors Speak Volumes

Don’t think that your bedroom’s walls should be painted the same as the other rooms’ walls in the rest of the house. No, your bedroom is reserved only for you, and it should reflect your mood and desires. So, if you enjoy the pastel colors, go for it. Or, if you like some more bolded colors, don’t hesitate.

Perhaps you want wallpapers on the walls – yes! There are modern, simplistic, and exquisite wallpapers that can make you feel over the moon while looking at them.

The point is – you can do whatever you want with the wall paint in your bedroom. Don’t feel constrained because the rest of the house will be different – eventually, it should be different. The bedroom is your safe place and should complement your feelings, not the rest of the house.

Minimalistic Look

What do you like most when you stay at a hotel? How simple yet useful is the bedroom, right? This is no coincidence. The bedroom should be a place where you relax, read a book, listen to music, and take a good night’s sleep. That’s about it. Its look should reflect this.

To make the most of the bedroom, you need to make space. A wardrobe is ok; a huge size bed is excellent, and adjusting illumination is perfect. That’s all about it. Oh, and forget about a big mirror, of course. According to the Feng Shui philosophy, a big mirror placed opposite your bed is believed to drain all your energy. So, try avoiding that.

The Right Mattress

You must have the right mattress according to the needs of your body. The right bed is, in fact, the most important piece you own in the bedroom. It defines the way you sleep and the amount of relaxation you are going to get.

Since there is a lot to know and educate yourself about your mattress, from the most suitable type to the way you need to maintain it, here are just a few facts that will be scratching the surface of what you must know.

  • Types of Mattresses –  There are many types and combinations of mattress models. Some of them are mattresses with memory foam, gel mattresses, pillow tops, innerspring, water mattresses, air mattresses, latex mattresses, mattresses with adjustable bases. All of them have their pros and cons and are intended for different needs. The first thing you need to do is decide which one you like better. Second thing, try it out in the store before buying. That’s a must! Never purchase mattresses before you feel it in person and lay on it even for a couple of seconds. It will make quite a considerable difference.
  • Ways of Maintenance – The mattress must be properly maintained if you wish it to last long. First, it must be supported appropriately. Notice that box springs are usually used only with spring mattresses, while a memory foam mattress must have a more robust support frame. Then, make sure you wash the bed linens regularly – once a week. This way, you prevent bacteria nesting, and your room will always smell fresh. Next, you need to rotate the mattress regularly, too. This will prevent depressions and softening of the mattress. Finally, don’t jump on the bed, especially don’t let kids jump on it. Yes, it is so fun, but this might damage the mattress or wear it off more quickly.
  • No Carpets – If your bed is a divan type, you probably won’t even have any space to put a carpet in the bedroom. If it has legs, i.e., it’s a bed frame, underneath the bed will be empty, and you might be tempted to put a carpet there. However, that would be a mistake. The bedroom should be easy to clean, and carpets will make this chore more difficult. You should leave the flooring open for fast mopping. If you still don’t like the feeling of your bare feet touching the floor, put a small rug on the place where you land your feet when you get up from the bed, and another one on your partner’s side.
  • Decorating the Bedroom – Keeping in mind that the look of the bedroom should be as simple as possible, make sure the décor is simplistic. Choose a photo of an intimate family moment or any other important day on your life and hang it on the wall. Or, choose wall art that instantly improves your mood. Pick a nightstand lamp that will perfectly illuminate your space on the bed if you wish to read before sleeping. And that would be all about it.

To Sum Up

Renovating your bedroom should be done in a different spirit than renovating the rest of the house. The result needs to be extraordinary – a place where you will feel safe, relaxed, and full of enjoyment. To make sure you don’t plan it wrongly, it is always a good idea to consult a designer who does staging as a profession. Staging a bedroom is a process that will give you a visual look at the result, and you can decide whether you want to continue with the plan or not. It will be testing the waters from your part.

Once you are sure of the changes you want to make, get the right contractor, and be as involved as you can be.

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