Can a sound sleep help you be more assertive at the workplace?

We all know that sound sleep is essential to our health. It helps recover and revitalize our body and refresh our mind. If we do not sleep well for a long time, we will face serious health issues, even death.

Moreover, sound sleep is proven to play an essential role in increasing people’s working productivity. Have you ever asked yourself why sometimes you feel unassertive or cannot focus on your work? Or, do you often wait until the deadline and work around the clock to finish your task? Here, we have the answer for you. It may be the sleeplessness that causes this distraction. In this article, let’s discover the relationship between sound sleep and work productivity. Scroll down to know more.

8 relationships between sound sleep and work performance


1.You will have more energy to work well till the end of the day

According to some researchers, if you lack sleep, you can end up with exhaustion easily. Sleepless people become tired 11% faster than those with sound sleeps every night. This percentage seems to be small but imagine the difference between becoming tired at 04:15 pm and 05:00 pm. You have to work up to 8 hours per day but the 45 last minutes can be the most productive time of your day.

2.You will react faster

After 2 days of sleeplessness, your reaction speed and ability to concentrate will be lowered. Insufficient concentration on work and slow reaction can be thrice as much after several sleepless days. When you cannot focus on your work or you give a very slow reaction, you will struggle with the task in a longer duration, and it only makes you feel more and more tired. Don’t try to stay up late to watch a movie or gossip with your friends. Going to bed early should be your priority.

3.You will complete your task ahead of time

Lack of sleep is shown to relate to procrastination. When you are lack of sleep or you do not sleep well, you will not have enough energy to work. It makes you lazy doing, playing and even eating; thereby, decreasing your work productivity and leading to procrastination at work. In contrast, if you sleep well, you will have an aggressive and enterprising mindset. All assignments will be done smoothly and you will complete your duty ahead of time, of course.

4.You will have a positive attitude at work

When you have a sound sleep, you will feel more comfortable and assertive, especially when you arrive at your company. You will be happier and more energetic to start your work and it makes you ready to solve difficult problems.

5.You will not work like a drunk man

According to a magazine, if you do not sleep within 17 – 19 hours, your brain will react like you are drunk with the blood alcohol of 0.05 milligrams per liter of breath. Moreover, if you do not sleep in 24 continuous hours, the blood alcohol will be 0.10 milligrams per liter of breath; it means you are not awake enough to drive. On the other hand, sleeping enough will make you more and more assertive and increase your critical thinking skills; thereby, enhance your workplace performance.

6.You will have better problem-solving skills

A sound sleep is a miraculous remedy that helps your brain recover and function better. Even when you sleep, your brain still works gently to analyze data or solve problems. When you wake up, your brain has been revitalized and it has enough energy and assertiveness to help you progress your tasks.

7.You will become more and more creative

When you are lack of sleep, your body cannot be re-energized, you will find it very hard to find new and creative solutions for your work. You will continue your work in old-fashioned and ineffective methods. But, after a sound sleep, not only do you have more energy to start your working day but also you can produce more professional and thoughtful solutions during the day.

8.You will have a better memory

Have you ever realized that you have not completed a small task at the company while you already arrive at home? Or, you realize that you forget something at home on your way to work, don’t you? They are the consequences of sleeplessness. When you sleep well, you will be better at remembering these odd things. A night of deep sleep will help your brain to organize information sharply and, of course, you can remember many things. Evenly, you will never feel hard when you have to remember something difficult, such as learning a new foreign language.

We have learned about the importance of a sound sleep. But how to sleep well every night? It is still a challenging problem. Following are some simple methods that may help you practice a good sleep:

  1. Go to bed before 11 pm.
  2. Create a comfortable sleeping space. If your cushion is too old, you should buy a new one. Before going to sleep, you should set your room temperature from 16 – 28 degrees C and ensure the air ventilation in the room.
  3. Turn off all of the lights in your bedroom.
  4. Do not use electronic devices for at least one hour before bedtime.
  5. If you cannot sleep, you can get out of your bed and do other things such as reading a book (don’t use a smartphone) until you feel tired and sleepy. You can also try sleeping on the sofa or in another room.
  6. Avoid stress. Avoid thinking about terrible things happening during the day. If you find yourself distracted, you can listen to music to relax.
  7. Try relaxing remedies such as yoga, meditation, taking a shower with warm water, and so on.
  8. Eat well. Limit the amount of food you eat in the evening and do not consume alcohol or caffeine-rich food before bedtime because it will keep you awake for a longer time. Instead, you should drink a cup of warm milk.

Above, we have introduced to you the relationship between sound sleep and work productivity. It is not only good for our mental and physical health but also plays an essential role in enhancing your yield. If you have anything that prevents you from going to bed early, you can share with us in the comment box below. We will try our best to help you solve your problems. Also, please let me know the effectiveness of the above-mentioned sleeping techniques if you have tried them.

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