Health Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness Activities for Sleep

Young man relaxing on comfortable couch with girlfriend at home

Getting a full night’s rest is extremely important to improving productivity, reducing stress, and is good for your overall mental and physical health. However, for some, sleeping throughout the night without waking isn’t a common occurrence. With the rise of technology and other external factors, feeling distracted and scatterbrained is becoming much more common. In fact for many, it may …

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4 Fantastic Ways Technology Can Improve Your Sleep


Technology can be so fascinating to the point that it can be a double-edged sword. Conventional wisdom suggests—as does theoretical studies—that technology can be potentially disruptive to a very important mechanism of the human body: our sleep. Electronic gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets can hinder the human body, specifically the brain, to have quality sleep when used around …

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Things You Probably Don’t Know About Your Mattress and Your Sleep


If you tend to have pain in your back and wake up tired and irritable without suffering from any sleep related medical conditions, chances are it may be due to your mattress. Three factors influence our health like no other, and they are sleep, diet and exercise. And when it comes to sleep, your mattress plays a major rule in …

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