How Can I Make My Bed Like in 5 Stars Hotel?

Remember how was your last stay in 5 stars hotel?

We bet it was enjoyable, with welcome drink, various facilities within your reach, friendly and respectful staffs, and breakfast buffet prepared by professional chef. But, would you agree that the experience that tops them all is when you sleep?

Because, hotel bed is different than the bed we usually sleep on at home somehow, especially in five stars hotel. Of course, you can deduce that the bed and the rest of the bedding items are of high quality and quite pricey. Even if you can’t guess what makes them different, but your body knew it. You just wanted to sink into the mattress and wrap yourself warm with the soft blanket, and never wanted to get up!

You wish you can sleep in that kind of bed every day.

And luckily, today we’re going to show you that your dream can come true. No, we’re not going to give you a free stay voucher at a five stars hotel for a year. Even better, we’re going to show you how to make your own five stars hotel bed, in your own bedroom! Isn’t it wonderful?

But is it possible?

Of course! With the right materials and a little practice, you can replicate what the hotel has in your home. The key is to shop the right bedding set according to their material and complete the elements necessary for a good hotel room. Feeling curious of what could they be? Scroll down and find out the secret.

Start with the Essentials

What is one single most important thing in a bedroom? Of course, it’s the bed.

Bed is the center of the room. This is where you’re going to entrust yourself for the night. You’re looking for not only a place to rest, but also a place to seek comfort from, and to protect you from the harsh world you’ve been walking on during the day. You want to relax, and forget whatever happened before, and rest peacefully so you can wake up fresh tomorrow, fully charged.

So, here are the essentials for a five stars hotel bedroom you should invest:

1.The mattress

The first thing you should consider when buying a mattress is the size. Mattress has standardized size: single, double, Queen and King, but you can order customized size as well.

The size of your mattress should never be too small, too narrow, or too short for your body. In fact, ideally your mattress should have extra room for you to roll sideways at least once in both sides. This is important, because if you happen to be someone who can’t stay still in your sleep, you won’t roll over the bed and risk a rough awakening in the middle of the night.

Another important aspect to consider is whether the mattress is hard or soft. It’s partly depends on your preference, but mattress that is too hard can leave your muscles sore overnight, but mattress that is too soft is not comfortable as well, because it jiggles even with the lightest movement.

2. The sheet

The surface of your bed is usually rough, not really comfortable to sleep on. That’s why, you need to put on a sheet over it. Not only for the sake of comfort, but also for hygiene and aesthetic as well.

Choosing sheet is somewhat trickier than choosing bed, simply because of the huge number of choices you can make. From the materials to the color and to the design, you need to choose one that really enhance the comfortable and luxurious feeling of a five stars hotel bed.

First, you should choose the materials. Commonly, materials for sheet are cotton, polyester, linen, and sometimes silk or satin. Each of them has their own characteristic, with their own advantage and disadvantage.

Cotton is cool to the skin and is very comfortable because it absorbs sweat, but they tend to wear down easily. Polyester feels just like cotton, but is actually hotter when you wear it. Silk is really soft to the touch, and cool on the skin, but it’s too soft and too light so it easily rumples, and when sleeping, it’s more comfortable to sleep on a smooth surface. Satin has the same characteristic as silk, but a bit rougher on the surface. Of course, each materials also has a range of quality, and whichever you choose, just make sure to choose one with the highest quality.

Second, you choose the color. This is fun. There are many colors you can choose, and again, your preference should matter here. But, if you are looking to make your bedroom looks like a five stars hotel bedroom, you’ll want to consider plain white bedding set, or other subtle color like soft coral, beige, or almond. Hotel choose white as their bedding color so you as customers can see how clean they are. If you think white is too plain and too monotone, don’t worry, you can add more color later in other elements.

The size of the sheet should adjust to the size of your bed.

3. The Pillows

Not everybody uses pillow when sleeping, but most do! It’s important because it determines not only how comfortable you’re going to sleep, but also determines whether your neck will function normally the next day or not. A wrong thickness of a pillow can make you suffer not only for the entire night, but also the entire tomorrow.

The factor to consider when buying pillow is, like sheet, the size. There are various sizes of pillows, from Standard, to Queen, to King size. Ideally you buy pillow according to the size of your bed, because having too small pillow in too big bed is not comfortable, and vice versa. But, there’s no written rule for that, if your preference is not like that.

In a five stars hotel bed, they usually provide two pillows for each head. So, in single bed you’ll receive two pillows, and sometimes also one decorative pillow. If you’re staying in double-sized bed or above, the ideal number of pillow will be four, excluding any decorative ones.

Next, you have to consider how many you’ll be buying. Commonly, hotel will at least use four pillows for a double bed. If you have King sized bed, then you can even add, sham, or small decorative pillow, to add the luxurious feels.

The pillow cover for the bigger sized pillow should have the same color with your sheet, but you can add more accent by using decorative pillow.

4. The Comforter or the Duvet

Comforter also plays important part in keeping the quality of your sleep. The fluffiness and the thickness of the item keep you warm and covered during your sleep, cocooning you in a cave you never want to get out from.

Cover material for comforter is usually from cotton, or for cheaper option: polyester. It’s stuffed with either animal feathers or synthetic filling. The purpose is to trap the warmth underneath longer, providing you the best environment to rest and sleep. The tips when choosing filling material for bedcover is to go synthetic if you have allergy with feather or other natural filling.

Feeling the weight of the comforter is important. The comforter should never be too thin, because it won’t create much warmth for people lying underneath. However, it shouldn’t be too thick, and consequently, so heavy as well, because it can compromise your customer’s comfort. Instead of feeling warm and protected, they may feel suffocated instead!

5. The Blanket

Sometimes the weather is slightly warmer than usual and people would need to feel warm, but not too much, and here is where the blanket comes handy.

Hotel room usually lay a folded blanket on top of the comforter. This way, guest can have a choice whether to use blanket – providing warmth but thinner than comforter – or both blanket and comforter, if they feel extra cold.

When choosing one, you should pay attention to the weight and warmth of the blanket, because not all blankets are created equal. Material for blanket are usually flannel or wool – materials that is warm enough even without filling or layering. Both are good for blanket, but make sure to choose high quality blanket with high thread counts in its material for richness and comfort.

6. The Throw Blanket

The last element is another layer of fabric on your bed. So far you already have a bed sheet and a choice between blanket and comforter. Now, for a richer feeling for your sleeping experience, you can add a thinner blanket, usually called a throw blanket.

Throw blanket is thinner than usual blanket, and has far more varieties in color, design, and finish. This because in many circumstances, throw blanket is used more for decoration rather than for warmth. Hotels usually use neutral color for the main bedding item, but they can choose throw blanket with bolder color, local print, or even in ethnic design over the plain bedcover to add to the richness of the room.

Your concern when choosing throw blanket for your five stars hotel bed should go only toward the quality instead of choosing colors and motives. Whatever colors or motives work if you keep the other bedding element in neutral.

Throw blanket is optional, but adding it to your bed will complete the look and the level of comfort of your bed.

Build the Ambience

To make a wholesome five stars hotel stay experience, bed is not enough. You must build the ambience as well, and there are three elements you can add to your bedroom to make it ideal for sleeping: temperature, lighting, and smell.

Temperature in a hotel room is never too cold or too hot. Ideal temperature for sleeping is between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. Slightly colder temperature is allowed, if that’s your preference. A research has shown that sleeping under blanket in cool temperature will make you sleep better. That’s why, installing air conditioner and thermostat is crucial.

Lighting is another important issue. Hotel bedroom has several layers of lighting. The main lamp, usually white lamp with wattage that can provide enough light coverage for the room for the occupant to work on something; the smaller lamp, usually yellow colored, have low wattage and is usually used when the room occupant is getting ready to sleep or just waking up. Finally, each side of the bed will have a bedside table with sleeping lamp. This is usually used only when an occupant wakes up in the middle of the night and needs light assistance to head to the bathroom or take some water.

The third element is smell. First, make sure your room does not smell. Eliminate any potential source of bad smell: laundry basket, food and snack you forget to bring out, or jacket you hang on the wall. Take them out from your room. Next, choose room fragrance with relaxing yet subtle smell, like vanilla or wood, but they must be subtle. This is optional, however. Most hotel don’t put any fragrance in the room, but if you would like a nice extra luxury, you can add this to your list.

The Key is to Keep Them Clean

After setting up bedding and fixing temperature, light, and odor, you must be dying to jump into your bed and sleep. But, wait a minute.

If you forget to clean your bedroom, it will not feel like a hotel room. Declutter your bedroom. Clear the surface, and put most of your things into wardrobe or store them in boxes under the bed. Leave only the essentials like a notebook and a pen on a desk, several bottles of toiletries, and charger. The rest? Store them. You can get them out later when you need it.

Finally, after much effort, your five stars hotel bed is ready to use. All you need to do is took off your shoes, and jump into the goodness. Close your eyes and sleep, and it will be one of the most wholesome sleeping you ever experience. But, do you know what’s better? Tomorrow you’ll still able to sleep there, and the next night, and the next night after that as well.

You can recreate five stars hotel bedroom in your room. Start browsing for high quality bedding set in affordable prices now for a better sleep tonight.

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