5 Best Plans for a Small Bedroom

Are you tired of all the confusion that comes with the congestion your small bedroom brings? If that’s the case, you’ve probably tried all the makeover ideas you’ve read and watched online, and nothing is working.

You’re not alone.

Many people experience this because they approach the design, painting, organizing of a small bedroom from the wrong angle.

Well, we are calling on all small bedroom dwellers to prove that with the right tips, you can have a stylish bedroom. Ensure you use quality home improvement tools for the process of longevity.

Be our guest and learn how to make the most of a small bedroom.

1. Be Creative with Your Storage System

Improvised Storage Shelf

We are high advocates of doing more with fewer things. We always urge our readers to declutter and pare down. It’s always great unless you need to use the stuff.

If you’ve paired down as much as you can, and your room is still congested. These small bedroom storage ideas will help you out.

Maximize under the bed:  If you’re a Feng Shui expert, you’ll cringe even from the thought of the idea. Yet, it’s still one of the best hacks for tiny bedrooms. You can raise your current bed and add storage containers or buy a new storage bed.

Utilize your closet space: Are you milking every inch of your closet space? How well is it organized? If you live in a rented space, you might feel uncomfortable drilling holes or adding more shelves. However, even renters have permission to add more storage for clothes.

Rethink about all items in the bedroom: Normally all clothes belong to the bedroom. Right? Wrong. Some of your clothes such as summer coats that you haven’t won half the year don’t have to be in the bedroom. You can create space elsewhere for them, maybe under the sofa? Don’t hold your storage hostage for the sake of placing things where they belong.

2. Decorate Your Room Strategically

Tray with breakfast on bed in bright bedroom

Between making sure you have enough storage room and the right colors; you may end up with a bedroom that doesn’t really represent you.

So, what options do you have? See the following small bedroom decorating ideas.

Eye-catching chandelier: Add a pendant or unique chandelier. This will increase the lighting of your room and give it a focal point. Go for a chandelier that suits your style – that might mean sleek, flashy, and glamourous or traditional design.

Bold wallpaper: Choose a large-scale pattern over a small busy one. Create a cohesive look by coordinating it with your bedroom colors. If you’re living in a rental room, buy a removable wallpaper.

Colorful throw pillows: If you love color, you don’t have to compromise everything, even if you go for an all-white room look. If you can’t decide on the colors, get as many pillows as you can, and mix and match. Put some under the bed and exchange them weekly.

Gorgeous greenery:Create room for plants. It makes your room feel alive, and they actually help clean the air. To maximize your space, try wall planters.

3. Use the Correct Paint

Bright Bedroom

This is not something many people know, but selecting the right paint has a considerable impact as well. Choosing the right paint makes your bedroom expansive and cozy. So, what’s the best paint for a small bedroom?

Blueberry: If you use dark paint and then put light furniture, you trick your eye into thinking the small bedroom is brighter and more prominent.

Calamine: This a great color for a small room, mainly when used in ultra-high-gloss on walls as it gives the room a jewelry box effect, making it feel like the inside of a shell.

Chantilly lace: This is another excellent idea for a small room as it is white enough and not too stark. It’s crisp yet soft with warm tones that give your bedroom enough light and make it appear bigger.

4. Create Illusions to Make Your Room Appear Bigger

Tray with breakfast on bed in bright bedroom

Of all the rooms that you might consider too small, the bedroom might be the easiest to deal with. You don’t need much space, but a serene feel and a flow of movement are essential.

Here are ideas on how to make a small bedroom look bigger.

Hang floor-to-ceiling curtains: Hanging long curtains that sweep all the way makes the room bigger as it makes the ceilings appear higher.

Use multiple lamps to spread the light: Having many sources of light can make the room feel more expansive. The lamps help especially where natural light isn’t an option. You can also consider hanging mirrors on dark walls that don’t get much light. It allows you to harness the light from the windows.

Use rugs: Area rugs make a small bedroom feel finished and more together. They can also create an illusion of square footage.

Declutter: As you think about how to organize a small bedroom, start by decluttering closets and cabinets. Do this at least every six months to avoid overcrowding.

5. Buy Small Bedroom Furniture

Bright, cozy stylish interior bedroom beautiful rich antique furniture four-poster bed

You’ve got to be very cautious about the furniture you buy for your small bedroom. Sofas, beds, and chairs can feel somewhat boxy. However, if you go for things like small recliners for the bedroom, they may create an illusion of a bigger room.

This may seem like a paradox, but buying a king-size bed for your small bedroom is better than a queen-size bed. It makes your bedroom appear bigger.

Lastly, avoid installing so many cabinets and make good use of your wall. For instance, mounting your TV on the wall is better than placing it on its unit.

Final Call

A small bedroom can be very chaotic when poorly arranged. But with the right furniture and decoration tips, you can change the appearance of your room, and even make it appear bigger.

The five tips will help you get started in your makeover. If you have any questions or suggestions on small bedroom ideas, let us know in the comment section.

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