How to Choose a Perfect Bedsheet for your Room

Your bedroom is a perfect place where you get utmost tranquility and relaxation after a tiring day. It is essential that your room aesthetics perfectly complement your interiors and gives you comfort as well. Although there are many vital factors which influence your room décor such as color, lights, artwork, themes, paintings etc. but it is also essential to give importance to the bedding necessities of your room.

One such necessity which is often overlooked is choosing a perfect bed sheet for your room. Since you spend considerable amount of time in your room over your bed, it is much likely to have a bedsheet which is soft, comfortable, and breathable. Choosing a good fabric bed sheet provides you a restful experience. Not only it will add a touch of vibrancy to your room but also it will help you take a good night sleep. Your bed sheet would be the first thing which will be noticed in the bedroom so proper bedding would be required to define your bedroom vibe.

Tips to buy a perfect bed sheet for your room

There are many things which can be considered while selecting a good comfortable bed sheet for your room such as material , quality, color, fit etc. to name a few. To get utmost comfort while resting and sleep, all the below are to be kept in mind as these would help in making informed decision.

  • Knowledge about thread count: Thread count is considered as a barometer against which the softness and durability of bed sheet is measured. Thread count is important but is not everything. It is believed that higher the thread count, softer the bedsheet but this is not always the case. The sheets with 400-500 thread count will do fine. The softness and stiffness depends not only on the thread count but on the material as well.
  • Material: The material you choose for your bed sheet is a personal choice. There are different kinds of material available in bed sheets such as bamboo, cotton, linen, tencel, silk etc. Where cotton is the highest quality and extremely comfortable fabric, silk is considered to add a touch of class to your room. It gives a luxurious and modern look to your room. Linen comes with a higher durability and has an ability to draw moisture from your body. Tencel is considered to be environment friendly fabric. Choosing a branded cotton bed sheet makes your bed look perfect and is also durable and affordable. Additionally it is also easy to wash. Choice of material depends entirely on individual taste and preference. Keep in mind the cost element too while deciding about a material.
  • Patterns and styles: Bedsheets are available in different patterns and styles from traditional plains and prints to solid colors. Go for floral prints if you wish to give your room a fresh look. Alternatively, solid colors will provide grace to your room. Some of the popular patterns for the bedsheet are floral, geometric, ethnic and abstract. Each pattern has its own uniqueness. Nowadays the bed sheets are also available in 3D pattern.
  • Color: The color of your bedsheet must be such that provides calm and composure to your space and gives a feeling of comfort. Also, the color of bedsheet must be such that goes with the surroundings of your room such as wall color, color of curtains etc. Go for dark colors and textures like gray, coal or ash etc. if you prefer longevity of your bed sheets. On the other hand go for warm colors to give your room a fusion look.
  • Fit: Apart from color, material, pattern and style, it is equally important that your bedsheet must fit your bed. When choosing a bedsheet size, make sure to consider the element of shrinkage of cloth after washing that may alter the size. Don’t make assumptions on the bedsheet size and get help with the size chart to avoid any confusion.

Apart from the above many people also consider seasonality as an important element while selecting a bed sheet. For example, for summers, light colored fabrics are preferred to keep the room cool. Although it would be wise to buy the bedsheets that would look lovely throughout the year.

The Bottom Line

To pick a bedsheet for your room might be an easy task but knowing which type of bedsheet will be perfect for your bedroom depend on various factors. Most of the factors however depend on your personal choice and experiences. It was assumed earlier that thread count is the most important consideration for selecting a bedsheet but with so many other important details, it has probably become the final consideration to use.

Material, color, size, patterns and seasonality are some of the important requisites for deciding about buying a bedsheet. Cost is another important factor which can influence the decision of buying a bedsheet. Since your bedroom is your paradise, getting more and more information about how to choose a perfect bed sheet is worthwhile which would help you make a good choice. Consider the above factors along with your taste and style to select a perfect piece.

Read the infographic guide below created by the guys at Fab Born which will help you in buying an ideal bedsheet for your room when you decide to go shopping. This interesting guide deals with all the key considerations to be kept in mind before selecting a bedsheet for your room. Not to forget that getting a perfect bedsheet is not enough, it is important to treat them well so that they last for a long time.

Washing with lukewarm water and not to dry them in excessive heat are important aspects to be taken care of to ensure long life of your bed sheets. Follow the cautionary notes that come up with buying a new bed sheet to ensure its quality and longevity.

Give your bedroom a makeover by going through the info graphic guide below and get more interesting information.

How To Choose a Perfect Bedsheet for your Room

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