How To Buy The Perfect Bedding Set For A Luxury Hotel Bedroom Makeover?

We all hope for a better start every day when we get up from the bed and acknowledge our surroundings that how deeply we are associated with the furnishings of our house. Thus, it is a fact that the better we sleep, the better we feel the next day, and it can only happen if your sleeping arrangements are comfortable. Now, sleeping arrangements differ from people to people, and this is where the best bedding sets come to the rescue.

We always wonder that how beautiful those luxury bedding sets look in a fancy boutique hotel. It is not a big deal; you can also pull off such a classic bedroom appearance at your home. Though, to create an excellent bedding set, you need to follow underlying points with your heart:


1. What Goes Where

The foremost thing you need to do is learn what the components of a bedding set are and what order they should abide to make a luxury bedding set.

Mattress Covers – Do not panic about the mattress style; you can buy whichever mattress suites your sleep but buy the mattress covers for protecting it from dirt and excessive moisture that creates a foul odor. The cover comes with elastic straps at the corner, which adheres to the corner and fits well, so it will not be slippery.


There are three layers of sheets after you apply the bed cover.

1. Fitted Sheet – The bed fitted sheet is the second layer that comes right after the mattress cover. This sheet is slightly thick in structure and smooth in texture, properly sewed with a thick cotton layer for cozy sleeping. Now, spread the sheet over the bed and tuck it into corners so it becomes a firm base for the subsequent layers.

2. Flat Sheet – Flat sheet is placed right on the fitted sheet to provide a fancy look over for the bed. Keep the flat sheet open at the headboard side so that you can pull the sheet whenever you feel cold. It also looks pretty like a skirt sheet, which is an added advantage of aesthetics.

3. Pillow Sheet – It is specially made for protecting your pillowcases, so the color remains bright and original. Though it is not generally used at home, you can decide whether you want to opt for it.

4. Quilt

The quilt comes in the scenario during colder months because the quilts are made up of three layers to provide warmth and comfort. There are also multiple options available in quilts online to consider if you are wondering where you can buy good quilt products.

5. Coverlet

The coverlet is an extra decorator on your bed, along with other sheets. It is also commonly known as a bedspread for adding an extra layer of warmth and comfort to the bed, though it does not extend beyond the bed’s legs.

Duvet Covers

A duvet or a duvet cover is typically made of two cotton layers to substitute the bed’s top layers. It is generally available in white color so that it could adapt to the various color combination of your king-size bedding sets. It has become a common choice of people while buying duvet sets.


A comforter is the top sheet cloth after everything, as it is the heaviest sheet on your bedding set. Comforter is filled with premium quality fabric cloth in two layers, so it acts all in one. Whether a cold season or summer, it is compatible with all seasons. The comforter brings forth a complete look of luxury bedding sets.


The final touch are pillows. The pillows also differ from choice to choice. You may not like the lumbar pillow or an accent pillow, but you may enjoy the appearance of a bed pillow adjusted according to the bed’s formation. Thus, you must not select the pillows based on just aesthetics and consider the comfort part of the pillow because the studies have shown that a pillow loses the comfort level over a year of use.

For your knowledge purpose, here are some pillow categories you shall consider when buying a bed sheet set:

1. Throw Pillow

The throw pillows are used at the front and the top while decorating a bed. These pillows act as the bed’s central support unit, and they are often decorated with the leading bed pillows. These are also commonly known as accent pillows because it increases the comfort and functionality of your bed.

2. Euro Pillow

The Euro pillow set is a bigger version of accent pillows between the bed pillows headboard and throws pillows. It covers your body’s shoulder part and the neck part for premium comfort and a good night’s sleep.

3. Bolster Pillow

The bolster pillows are round or somewhat cylindrical. These increase your bed’s utility by allowing you to work on the bed while lying down because it is used to provide good backrest support to your collar bone, so you can work for hours without feeling sleepy. (Advice: better work on the desk instead of a bed, because you will fall asleep on the bed.)

4. Lumbar Pillow

The lumbar pillow is a second name for bed pillows because it provides lumbar support to your body. After all, a buffer is not only used for your head, and many people have a habit of snuggling and cuddling with pillows. Otherwise, sleep seems distant.

2. The Execution

Now, you have enough knowledge about all the components that must be part of bedding accessories. Hence, it is time to execute the plan for making the best bedding sets ever.

Comfort over Aesthetics

Do not make the mistake of choosing aesthetics and styles over comfort because you have to live with them daily, and you may not feel welcome or cozy. So, select the designated bedding sets component without compromising comfort and maximizing design.

Colors to the Frame

The colors have a significant role to play when setting up a king-size bedding set. There are various bedding parts where you can apply the color theory, like comforter, duvets, or bedspreads. Multiple colors in different components will give a dynamic and exciting appeal to your bed and your room; also, you will not be able to see the same colors every day, so something new always remains.

Sequence of Pillows

Please do not mess up the pillow sequence because it is meant to provide maximum comfort to the user; otherwise, it would leap to back strain. It is not always necessary to put all the pillows because you may choose a different makeover.

These pillows are necessary to implement because they may apprehend rough bedding sets.

Notched Details

It is not at all a compulsion when you are stuck at the decision of whether to apply all the bed layers or not. To make it easy and straightforward for your daily needs, you may refrain from using all the necessary components but if you want to use it anyway, then prepare a guest bedroom with proper bedding sets. It will give you a chance to flaunt your hospitality to your guests.

3. Sleep Well

The third step is sleeping. Yes, all the necessary components of a bedding set are complete; you just have to start sleeping well in your bed. Once you start doing such a setup, your bedroom bedding set will look like a luxury bedding set, just like in a luxury hotel. Then you will feel comforted and calm by just coming to your bedroom and lying down.

Comfort is all we have, and comfort entitles you to bring forth the bedding set ideas to execute a perfect luxury hotel room makeover. Take out few moments from your busy schedule and start shopping for the best bedding sets online. It will beautify your entire bedroom with specific changes such as wall colors, table lamps, or curtains, and you are good to go.

“You create your own space. Luxury is just another name for comfort.”

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