Beautiful Bedding and Sound Sleeping

1. Best Bedding Tips and Tricks

How to choose quality and comfortable sheets? Do not miss these 10 tips to choose comfortable sheets, soft and easy to care for!

Is there a more comfortable place than our bed? If we consider that we spend a third of our life sleeping, it is important to know how to choose and learn how to invest in bedding. Currently there is an endless range of options and prices. But don’t despair! We tell you 10 tips to choose quality sheets and weather resistant.


The first great myth to tear down. It is often believed that, the more threads the sheets have, the softer and more durable they are. And it is true? No, a 300-thread sheet made of high-quality cotton may be more comfortable than a 600-thread version with worse quality fiber. Today, there is a wide variety of materials available and that is where the difference lies.


It is the key to a good sheet and what determines its quality. The material must be resistant, antipeeling , insulating, antiallergic and easy to wash. Cotton is undoubtedly the best ally of a good sheet. However, there are bedding that combines cotton and synthetic fibers, which give very good results. The important thing? That at least contain 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Egyptian cotton: It is the best quality (and also the most expensive) its fibers are extra-long which produces sumptuous and extremely durable sheets

Pima Cotton: It is a material of medium to extra long discontinuous fibers, known for its softness and shine, and is cheaper than Egyptian cotton.

Linen: They are one of the most expensive sheets. Linen bedding is ideal for hot climates. Although ironing is another matter.

Synthetic: It is the cheapest and most durable material. Your advantage? It is wrinkle resistant.


What you feel to the touch depends on how those sheets are woven. The favorite is satin, because the tight and soft, which results in light and fresh bedding. The other option is the microfiber fabric, super tight and dense, which is resistant to wrinkles and extra-soft texture.


The bedding is a fundamental piece to collaborate with the general design of a room. Choose sheets with a motif according to the style of the same and dare to innovate.


Depending on the temperature you want to keep in your bed and how often you want to change it, it will be the key to choosing the type of sheet and how many games to have. Keep in mind that sheets that look like summer can be used throughout the year. Just add a quilt and a blanket to make your bed more cozy during the cooler months. Bedding made of natural fibers allows air to circulate, unlike what happens with sheets made of 100% synthetic materials.


Check the size of your mattress, before buying the sheets. Nothing more uncomfortable than big or small bedding. A sheet that does not fit perfectly does not work. There are many types of mattresses and varied dimensions. We must take into account, in addition to the width and length, the height of the mattress.


Each will determine what you are looking for in your bedding. Maintain an adequate temperature; Choose the best option quality / price, practicality: as for example, free of ironing, among others. Depending on the functionality you want it will be what you should consider to choose the appropriate sheets.


The sheets are very important because it is what will allow you adequate rest. But the comforter will be the “cherry of the cake or the cake” so your correct choice is also essential. Try that this duo gets along well to guarantee you a pleasant rest.


Wash your sheets every week or at most every 15 days; do not apply chlorine because the fibers deteriorate and lose softness over time; Choose an intermediate or slow wash cycle and do not iron unless they are linen.

We hope these tips help you choose the sheets that best suit what you are looking for. And remember to visit our catalog to choose your favorite sheets !

2. Minimalist Sleeping and Maximizing Energy

How to sleep less and have more energy. One of the questions he asked me the most since when you start preparing the MIR , one of the things that little by little starts missing you the most is time; either by organization, accumulated fatigue or wanting to cover more things than we can achieve.

However, there are methods to sleep well. Yes, you can sleep badly .

Some time ago, in my first year of career, while doing dissection practices in “the prosectorium” (that’s what it was called in my uni) I met a very old boy who told me about a book that was being read at that time . The book (I will leave you the link to download it below) is called “How to sleep less and have more energy than you ever had before” ( How to sleep less and have more energy than you have always had).

It turned out to be something much more interesting than a batamanta . Well hey, I’ve tried them and they’re pretty comfortable , but as far as MIR is concerned (and as far as life is concerned) we can get more interesting things out of the book.

The manuscript itself is quite complete, it tells you from the myths about sleep, why we sleep, it also tells you about the physiology of sleep (what memories, Neurology in 5th ..

Body temperature varies during the day, so the colder we have (or rather, the lower the body temperature) the more sleep we have. That is why in summer when it is very hot it is hard for us to sleep so much .

One of the things I sinned when I prepared my previous MIR was to stay home for days without leaving. Yes, it rains a lot in Asturias , but there are also sunny days. The sun, in addition to sitting well by the heat that it gives you, helps us create many processes in our body. It activates us and is a necessary source for our skin to generate vitamin D , in addition to beta-endorphins (which help us feel great) and nitric oxide (there are authors who claim that it can lower our blood pressure).

Melatonin is a neurohormone produced by the pineal gland that varies during the day and thus affects our sleep cycle. That is , melatonin is what makes us sleep “mah or menoh” so a high production of melatonin will make us fall asleep more easily.

In spite of the numerous benefits on our health (blood pressure, endorphins, reduction of cardiovascular risk) that sports have , it also affects our sleep. As I said in point number 4 , the more active we are (the more temperature) the more energy we will have. But in the same way, as our temperature peak will be higher, the slope of temperature drop will be more inclined, so that we will sleep more easily and thus we will rest better . In fact I used to run ..

If you wake up at different times each day and go to sleep also when you feel like it, your body and your temperature cycle will not get used to it and it will be as if you wake up every day with Jet Lag . It is best to get up at the end of a sleep cycle. But if you can’t control this (either with apps or with other measurement methods) it is better to be consistent with your dream. Whether it’s 7, 7:30 or 8 hours . This way you will adapt much better to the hours of sleep and you will feel more and more rested.

Well, it ‘s a mistake . Before we talked about the importance of maintaining a rhythmic dream during the week, going to sleep at the same time and getting up at the same time. If you do it this way, do it also during the weekend.

Yes, and a lot. Before (point 3) we read that our body and above all mind is very active during sleep. To be very active, it needs oxygen, which in turn is transported by hemoglobin, which in turn is directly affected by dehydration. Come on, that drinking a recommended amount of water a day (approximately 2L) will make you get a better rest.

And alcohol in turn what it does is dehydrate us. Therefore (completely personal decision) alcohol is not good for our body. A trick: when you go out, try to drink the same amount of water as alcohol.

3. Apps to sync with your pillow to increase better sleep

Did you know that insomnia is one of the most frequent disorders among the adult population? Statistics indicate that more than four million Spaniards have trouble sleeping. Experts believe that one of the biggest evils for insomnia has to do with poor nutrition. This results in excessive intakes of fats and sugars, copious meals at night and last-minute binge eating. Does it sound to you

You may also be disturbed by neighbors, noisy. Or that an economic, labor or family problem takes away sleep hours. Be that as it may, you should know that it has a solution. Or you can try. The first, of course, is to consult a medical professional .

If the problem is not so serious and you think you only need a little help, maybe you can try some of these applications. All pursue a goal: to help you rest better. Do you dare to check them out? We hope you like them, but above all, they help you have sweet dreams!


Everyone knows Runtastic, the application to make and monitor sports . Well, this same company has an application called Runtastic Sleep Better that aims to help us sleep better. The application is responsible for recording the phases of your sleep and the smart alarm wakes you at the best time.

In addition, you will know what effect certain activities or actions have on sleep, such as playing sports, drinking coffee or drinking a glass of wine . At the same time, with this application you can write down your dreams and take note of how often you have nightmares or pleasant dreams.

For all this to work you will have to place your mobile phone next to the pillow and connected to the charger, with the advantage that Sleep Better also works with the airplane mode activated .


Sometimes you don’t need more sleep than some sounds. White noise can help you relax your mind and therefore better fall asleep. But how can we get these sounds? Well, very easy, installing Sounds for sleep , an application that contains countless sounds to sleep , which you can also mix with others.

For example, you can find refreshing rain, rain in the forest, jungle, vivid stream, forest in autumn, night on the beach, over the sky, old train, relaxing walk, quiet cave, serene night or cabin in winter. When you click on any of these sounds, you can adjust the volume as you wish , add time and mix other sounds, such as music, nature or animals.


Are you one of those who usually have a good time reading last minute messages before bedtime? If you can’t resist that temptation, maybe it would be interesting if you used a blue light filter. Blue Light Filter is an application that serves precisely that, although the truth is that many phones already include this option by default. Anyway, with this application you can configure the filter with many options, different types of filters and color temperatures , intensity and attenuation of the screen.

Another interesting option is the one that allows you to activate the automatic timer, with the objective that the filter is activated automatically every day. In this way, you will never forget to do it and your sight will thank you.


Nothing like falling asleep to the sound of a pleasant melody. If you are one of those who need music to fall asleep, you may have to take a look at this application. This is Relax Melodies and is an application that you can access in a guided way , in order to obtain interesting mixes to relax.

The best of all this is that you can choose those combinations that you find most pleasant . You can use the application with a free account or register. Another option, if you want to access more options, is to pass the Pro version. You can choose different sounds, such as River, Rain, Room, Ocean, Winds, Birds, Flute, Musical box, Piano, Waterfall, Thunder, Stove, Night o White Sound.

You can also discover mixtures made by others . You have titles as suggestive as A night at home, Medieval party, A sad day, It rains in the city or Night on the porch. If you want you can also access guided meditations and create your own profile to record all your sound mixes. It will be phenomenal, too, if you have a restless baby to sleep to.


Let’s see what Sleep is , another application that is responsible for controlling sleep . You can set an alarm between one hour and another, so that the tool can wake you up at the time it deems most appropriate for you and your health. It’s about having a wake up as pleasant as possible.

But there is more. The phone must be connected next to the mattress , while we are lying down, so that the contact-less system can measure movements and breathing. We will also receive notifications to sleep. Are you one of those who would spend hours and more hours watching series in front of the TV? In this case, you can set reminders.

If you need it, you can play lullabies (whale diving, the sea, Tibetan songs, etc.) and if you activate the anti-snoring option, record them and receive warnings when we exceed the limit. Finally, you should know that you can set goals, such as improving irregularity, sleep, snoring or falling into deeper sleep.


And we finish with Pzizz , a frankly charming application, with which you can also better reconcile your dreams. To start, you will have to log in with your Facebook account and, therefore, give permissions to the application so that you can access your profile data. You can then start a free trial and choose, first of all, if you want to sleep, take a nap or concentrate .

You will have to indicate an hour in the alarm clock (or none, if in the morning you are not in a hurry) and a voice will begin to sound to introduce you into a guided meditation process, together with a soothing sound of raindrops in the forest . You can regulate these sounds as you wish or select, if you prefer, other sounds such as the ocean, the sound silence of the snow, the wind or what is heard from the tree house.

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