Parts of Bedding

What makes up a beautiful bedding design? Learn everything you need in Macy’s Bedding 101. From sheets to comforters, we’re here to teach you about…

Things You Probably Don’t Know About Your Mattress and Your Sleep


If you tend to have pain in your back and wake up tired and irritable without suffering from any sleep related medical conditions, chances are it may be due to your mattress. Three factors influence our health like no other, and they are sleep, diet and exercise. And when it comes to sleep, your mattress plays a major rule in …

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Dorm Room Bedding Formula: One Sheet + One Duvet


Home bedding and decor expert Jennifer Adams is back again, ready to help answer your questions! Today’s question comes from a rising college student, and it’s a good one: I just got back from Europe on a summer exchange. It was so fun! My host sister shared her room with me, it had two twin beds. But I was surprised …

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How Can I Make My Bed Like in 5 Stars Hotel?


Remember how was your last stay in 5 stars hotel? We bet it was enjoyable, with welcome drink, various facilities within your reach, friendly and respectful staffs, and breakfast buffet prepared by professional chef. But, would you agree that the experience that tops them all is when you sleep? Because, hotel bed is different than the bed we usually sleep …

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The 5 Best 2019 Mattress For Hip Pain Relief

If you have hip pains, then sleeping on a regular mattress can be a huge chore. You need to find a good and reliable way to eliminate such pain. And that’s why it makes a lot of sense to find only a reliable and affordable mattress to suit your needs. Here are suggestions to help you get started. Natures Novel …

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How Quality Sleep Improves Your Life as A Whole


A better life. That’s the goal of so many people. That’s why we go on dates to meet potential life partner, work overtime to reach our career goal, or take risk to stand up for our passion even if it looks vain and people are against you: to get a better life. And it’s not just financially, but also in …

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How To Fall Asleep Fast Without Any Sleeping Pill


Dear Insomnians, what’s the worst feeling in the world? Of course, it is being exhausted at the end of the day… and yet unable to sleep. It is lying on your bed, eyes closed but mind wanders all over the place, running at the speed of bullet train, unable to stop. It is tossing and turning left and right, pulling …

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